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W&W and ALDA broke boundaries with 20XX Livestream

HFM Team | May 27, 2020

The other week, news broke that dynamic DJ duo W&W and event company titans ALDA were teaming up to bring fans – and the whole internet – one of the most ambitious livestream events that anyone has seen so far during this Covid-19 pandemic. Going a step further than your regular DJ set, they were set to play inside of a completely virtual stadium created completely from scratch. As well as partnering with ALDA, they teamed up with charity Unicef to do their part to help provide relief to communities that have been badly affected by the virus. It all kicked off on 23 May, and not only did they provide some great entertainment but they also made history.
Making an incredible impact throughout the online community, the numbers of viewers were impressive to say the least. On Facebook Live, they hosted well over 900,000 viewers (nearing the one million mark during streaming) and over 150,000 on streaming platform Twitch where it became one of the top three trending streams at the time on the website. The visual aspect was one of the best looking concepts we’ve ever seen, with the slick virtual design looking extremely real, helping to as closely recreate the real life experience as humanly possible right now. It’s not as easy to encapsulate the electrifying energy that you can get from seeing W&W in person compared to seeing them through a computer stream, but yet they managed to do so in a flawlessly executed way.
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