We’ve been hearing whispers regarding Wax Da Jam’s imminent move from Las Dalias to Pikes for a few years now, but this summer it’s actually going to happen. Presumably the more accessible location will open up Wax Da Jam to a whole new audience who weren’t able to make it to San Carlos, which is likely to cause a reduction in the average age of the crowd attending this season’s event. Musically, anticipate everything from reggae to disco to hip-hop to funk, with house party vibes the strict order of the day in both Freddie’s Room and outside in the open air garden. The island’s villa party scene may have been somewhat suppressed over the last five years, with afterparties now few and far between. Nevertheless, if this is your first time in Ibiza or if you’ve never had the opportunity to experience a secluded shindig in the Ibizan hills, a night at Pikes will likely offer insight into how those informal get-togethers invariably turn a little bit crazy and never seem to end.

Every Monday from June 3 to August 5