Magic Island Radio Show (FR)

With Roger Shah

Welcome to Roger Shah’s Magic Island, where the focus is not about specific styles or musical sub genres. It is about the mood, the vibe, the lifestyle, the Balearic feeling. Here on Magic Island you will enjoy a weekly treat to a summer holiday as you would cruise around a beautiful island yourself!

Roger Shah, a 5-time DJ Mag Top 100 veteran whose 20-year music career includes more than 500 releases in over 80 countries, countless hit records, music videos watched about 90 million times, tours around the world with his unique sound and live performances, knows exactly how to take you on this journey week by week and has been running this world wide beloved radio show for over 7 years.

Expect a wide range of sound. The hour is relaxed with deep House and Balearic influences, but also expect Chill and Progressive sounds as well. Discover your journey on and with Magic Island – Music For Balearic People!!