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[PREMIERE] Wuki Drops New Album Single With Stoppa, “I See You”

HFM Team | July 10, 2020

The second single from Wuki’s forthcoming debut album is here, and it’s well worth the wait!

Following “Chicken Wang” with Diplo and Snappy Jit, Wuki has teamed up with Stoppa for “I See You.” The track is a wild adventure with jungle sounds, little samples of birds chirping and general jungle ambiance, and then it just … turns. It’s as if you’re in Jurassic Park, sort of just strolling along minding your own business and then suddenly you turn a corner and you see a T-Rex. You both sort of stare at each other in blank realization until it roars and begins to chase you.

Keep that description in mind when listening to the song and once you get to the drop, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It goes from a minimal tech house beat to a soul-crushing bass drop that seriously comes out of nowhere.

Wuki says, “This track is special to me because Stoppa is a great friend of mine and I’m really excited to put his name on. The vocals are cut from a freestyle session we did actually, he gave me so many cool adlibs and I loved this particular lyric so much I was able to build an entire tune around it.

“With everything going on in the world I really wasn’t sure how to move forward with everything, but this song felt like the right one to continue the story. Music is how I process the world and heal, so I hope everyone feels a little more seen.”

“I See You” is powerful on its own, but depending where it falls within the scope of the album tracklist, it could be that one thing that sets this album apart from the rest. Check it out below!


Written by HFM Team


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