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Premiere: Emerging producer obii shares debut single ‘Trust’ featuring Gaby G

HFM Team | August 13, 2020

Emerging beatmaker, obii, releases a shimmering vocal cut for his debut single, “Trust,” featuring Gaby G. Through lush synths and dissident vocal ad libs, Gaby G’s contributions swim through a mist of anticipation, past a tight percussion arrangement from obii. Upon delivery of the new project, obii described the process behind his debut single. According to obii,

“I make most of my music in the evenings and during lockdown I’ve found it so easy to be able to hammer out a few ideas a night. I’ll relisten to them the next day make changes and send to vocalists. I’ve been going through a period of time where the music itself helps me process my emotions, and with obii i can really pour my heart and soul into my work and have the music do the talking for me. The more feedback I got on the new sound the more it inspired me. I suddenly had more passion for making music than ever before.”

“I’ve honestly been wanting to work with Gaby for a while now, but this felt like the right project. Without giving her a direction, she absolutely nailed the feeling I was going for! Naturally she’s great with the pen.”

Formerly known as Velvo, Atlantic City-native Erick Garcia fine-tuned his sound over time, garnering influences from both inside and outside of his own Chicano culture, and eventually, the new Obii project emerged. Now, setting out to build the new moniker’s catalog from scratch, Garcia’s venerated production skills are back on full display, this time under a fresh new banner. Listen to obii’s new debut single, “Trust,” below.

Written by HFM Team


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