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Odesza & Golden Features’ BRONSON Drops New Single With A Poignant Music Video

HFM Team | July 22, 2020

We’re getting so close to the release of the debut album from Odesza & Golden Features’ collaborative project BRONSON we can taste it. Out today is their new single “KEEP MOVING”

Following their latest uplifting release “DAWN” featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, BRONSON return with a commanding track fueled by anarchic energy, showcasing the sonic versatility in the trio’s newly formed project. It comes fresh with a music video that works as a subtle nod to the demise of the traditional workplace as we know it, with our current climate forcing everyone to work from home.

Directed by Swedish collective Stylewar, the video is completely comprised of stock footage from a corporate workplace setting, edited in a manner that is steeped in satire to match the tenacious basslines and marching pulse of the beat. After hand-selecting the base stock clips out of thousands of hours of footage, Stylewar manipulated, edited and employed VFX to bring the storyline to life and create a mad, yet poignant, distortion of reality. Superficially, the end result appears comical in its sheer absurdity; however, at the core lies a much deeper, darker commentary on modern society – one that is complex and multifaceted, yet shrewdly crafted in such a way that the viewer is able to derive their own interpretation from the parody.

Stylewar on the video — “The idea for this video was born out of creative starvation during the era of COVID-19. We’ve always had a strong fascination for stock footage and the thoughts and process that goes into creating it, so, since it was impossible to execute anything close to a normal shoot, we moved forward with a concept using solely that and CGI.

The pull to use stock footage became centered around this niche subset of content for the corporate business world, for it can be so cliché and mind-bendingly generic. We love how hyper-generic it is, in every detail. From cast, wardrobe, props to locations and especially the acting – it’s all super shallow and false. So, with this as a base, we wanted to create an alternate reality: what would happen if there was a complete inversion to this world and sense of order. Are they all fake? Is everything fake?”

Check out “KEEP MOVING” below! BRONSON’s self-titled debut album arrives August 7 via Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune. It is available now to pre-order and pre-save digitally. Pre-order the physical LP at the official BRONSON store.

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