This winter, the clubbing world let out a collective gasp when Marco Carola announced he was leaving Amnesia, the superclub juggernaut where his Music On party was a flagship attraction. A second collective gasp registered on the Richter scale when Carola made it know that he was transferring to Pacha, where unadulterated techno music has never really caught on. But perhaps all the surprise was unwarranted. After all, according to the rumour mill this particular paradigm shift has been on the cards for at least 12 months, with Music On supposedly on the brink of leaving last summer, before a last minute change of heart saw Carola stick with Amnesia. Putting all the historical hearsay to one side, the big question now is whether Carola’s rolling techno sound will woo the Pacha faithful. And will Music On’s loyal fan base be willing to swap the raw superclub appeal of Amnesia for Pacha’s more intimate corridors? It’s for all these reasons that Music On at Pacha is this season’s most intriguing new event.

Every Thursday from May 16 to October 3