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Ibiza Not Expecting to See Tourism Return Until at Least August

HFM Team | April 21, 2020

This will be an unprecedented summer for the tourism of Ibiza. The Balearic Islands will not expect any touristic activities during May, June or July due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

This frightening news arrives after the release of an official study prepared by the Balearic Government’s Department of Labour. They managed to put figures on the economic debacle that is looming on the islands due to the coronavirus. According to an intermediate scenario, the consequences of tourism will be devastating for the whole archipelago.

On a slightly brighter note, in August the activity could start “minimally”. Iago Negueruela, who estimated the influx of visitors, expected 25% of those who arrived last year will return throughout August.

As a result of this- and due to the unprecedented slowdown in business investment, tourist arrivals, and consumption- the Balearic GDP will fall by 31.6% over the year as a whole, representing more than 9,200 million euros. This shows the significant economic impact caused by the Covid-19 virus.

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Written by HFM Team


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