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Diplo’s ‘MMXX’ receives astrological commentary companion album from the Smithsonian

HFM Team | October 6, 2020

Diplo fans know that the star producer is liable to release any type of music at any moment, but even this must come as a surprise to them. One month ago, Diplo released his surprise ambient album MMXXwhich he says was the only music he has made in 2020. Now, the deeply personal LP has received a commentary overhaul.

Under Ancient Skies: MMXX Companion Album is created in collaboration with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM). The LP features narration from Song Exploder host Hrishikesh Hirway, who overlays the calm instrumentals with astrological facts and stories courtesy of the NASM. The expanded version of Diplo’s original can be streamed below.

On the other end of Diplo’s musical spectrum, he and his Major Lazer compatriots recently announced that Music is the WeaponMajor Lazer’s upcoming LP, will be released on streaming platforms October 23. It is the group’s first record since 2015’s Peace is the Mission.



Written by HFM Team


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