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J. Paul Getto


Tony Saputo is J Paul Getto.


Tony Saputo is J Paul Getto.
Each with years of previous production experience, J Paul Getto was formed in September of
2010 with the help of Maurice Tamraz & Neil Petricone (X-Mix Productions) and they’ve been breaking ladies
hearts ever since. With a truly unique style in today’s disco house scene, JPG
samples classic disco elements by integrating them into his work and creating a full and
overwhelming atmosphere that is to be felt as much as it is to be heard. Excitement, euphoria
and an uncontrollable urge to dance; these are all normal feelings you will encounter the
second you hear a J Paul Getto track. With a sound as big as this, the international scene is
left begging for each new release. Tony Saputo is from Palermo (Italy) and now based in Boston USA.
Already they’ve made an array of original works, earning thousands of plays on his
Soundcloud profile with those numbers growing every day. For only a taste of the J Paul
Getto experience, here are four of their original productions just to give you an idea of what
to expect. As always, the desired method of consuming these tracks is to give your ears the
head can treatment or to let your bones rattle under the force of the club subwoofer.BOOKINGS:

Devon James Stewart [email protected]

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