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Ultra Music Festival Dominated in Asia With More Than 400,000 Event Attendees in 2017

Ultra Music Festival Dominated in Asia With More Than 400,000 Event Attendees in 2017

Anybody in move music with a shred of business sharpness is going gaga for Asian markets. It’s the overcome new outskirts of the business. From China to India to Korea, Asian children commotion for the opportunity to see enormous name universal DJs drop warmers on gigantic stages the way Europe and North America have this last decade, and Ultra Music Festival just received the rewards.

The Miami-based brand has been global since 2008, beginning in Brazil and working its routes through South America before breaking into Asia with Ultra Korea in 2012. As Asian markets detonated, Ultra has been there developing close by, and 2017 was a trademark year.

From June to September, Ultra facilitated 17 occasions all through the landmass, as indicated by an UMF public statement. It was the first run through Ultra came to India. The brand opened its season in Indonesia with the first-since forever “Bali Music Week,” and obviously, it topped its celebratory keep running with its enormous and delightful Ultra Japan three-day celebration.

More than 400,000 fans went to Ultra Asia occasions, and more than 25 million watchers tuned in to Ultra livestreams of China, India, Japan, and Singapore. Shows in Bali, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Taiwan were sold out occasions, inviting a huge number of excited Asians into electronic move music’s warm, PLURy embrance.

To what extent will this Asian move madness last? Can’t state, however we’re almost certain one year from now might be nuttier.

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September 23rd, 2017

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