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The UK capital is by a wide margin Europe’s greatest city for live music, IQ can uncover—with what chairman Sadiq Khan calls its “reality class” settings facilitating 19,940 shows in 2016 alone.

The chairman of London, Sadiq Khan, has hailed the UK capital’s “reality class fields” and “stunning grassroots music scenes”, as it develops London facilitated the most shows of any city in Europe a year ago – an accomplishment it is on course to rehash in 2017.

There were 19,940 aggregate unrecorded music occasions in London in 2016 – more than San Francisco (13,672), Paris (11,248) and Chicago (11,224), and additionally the self-depicted ‘unrecorded music capital of the world’, Austin, Texas (6,781).

The city is likewise in third place all inclusive, behind first-set New York, with 28,529 shows in 2016, and sprinter up Los Angeles, which just pipped London to second place with 20,843 occasions, as indicated by information imparted to IQ by Songkick.

The show revelation stage, as of late obtained by Warner Music Group, broke down show information from 12 noteworthy music urban areas for the examination, which furthermore discovered London had the second most settings (1,780), behind just Los Angeles (2,002), and that Austin – the home of South by Southwest – had, obviously, the most shows in one day (278, contrasted with London’s 125, LA’s 120, New York’s 144 and Chicago’s 73).

The figures from Songkick come after a solid appearing for London in UK Music’s most recent Wish You Were Here report, which discovered cash produced by unrecorded music in the capital surpassed the £1 billion stamp interestingly, expanding 6% on 2015, supported by an expansion in music tourism and new increases to the celebration date-book.

“London’s humming unrecorded music scene is incredibly famous, having created specialists from Adele to Ed Sheeran, the Clash and the Rolling Stones,” Khan tells IQ. “I’ve made developing London’s way of life and innovative ventures a center need, and music is an immense piece of this. That is the reason I selected night emperor Amy Lamé to go about as a champion for scenes and the evening time economy to guarantee we reinforce our notoriety for being a powerhouse for music.

“In London, we have a portion of the best places to get a live gig – from world-class fields to astonishing grassroots music scenes – and it is little ponder that music sweethearts originate from over the globe to make the most of our city’s unbelievable nightlife.”

In full, the 2016 best 12 are: New York (28,529), Los Angeles (20,843), London (19,940), the San Francisco Bay range (13,672), Paris (11,248), Chicago (11,224), Philadelphia (8,691), Las Vegas (8,023), Denver (7,343), Washington, DC (7,219), Seattle (6,893) and Austin (6,781).

Looking forward to 2017, London holds its third place comprehensively, with 11,747 aggregate occasions starting at 8 August – once more, behind New York and Los Angeles. Paris, be that as it may, descends to 6th, with Chicago having its spot.

Like Khan, Music Venue Trust’s Mark Davyd respects the discoveries – despite the fact that he alerts that the work expected to invert London’s all around pitched decrease in setting numbers is a long way from being done.

“It’s clearly awesome to see London as yet positioning so exceedingly for unrecorded music and for grassroots music settings,” he remarks. “There’s a truly feeling that City Hall comprehends these settings and needs to help bolster them, and the work as of now being done is demonstrating a few outcomes – 2016– 17 was the primary year in ten years that London didn’t endure a net loss of grassroots music scenes.

“Be that as it may, there’s significantly more to be finished. Urban communities over the world are perceiving grassroots music scenes as a decent speculation opportunity, making pipelines of new ability and neighborhood occupations. Sydney simply reported speculation into grassroots music scenes foundation, following Berlin, Amsterdam and other driving world urban areas in perceiving that phenomenal new specialists merit extraordinary spots to play and groups of onlookers should have the capacity to see and hear craftsmen in the absolute best quality settings. Music Venue Trust trusts London can do likewise; there’s a Good Growth finance, so how about we utilize it to truly bolster grassroots culture.”