Ibiza Trance Family

Ibiza Trance Family

In summer 2012 on the party island of Ibiza, a group of awesome mates and DJ’s that had already been going to trance gigs and partying together week after week decided to join forces to create a collective. This collective was based around friendship, a passion for Ibiza and above all – a love of trance music. The Ibiza Trance Family had been born.

The plan was set into motion when the brand promoter Dave Cook set up a Facebook page to represent the collective, and the following grew from there. People from all around the globe wanted to be part of the family and have access to the Ibiza trance vibe. Building rapidly, it was only natural that events dedicated to the collective followed. Other trance brands wanted part of the action too and collaborations naturally ensued. The results have yielded Ibiza reunions in the UK, pre parties for Gods Kitchen, International tour dates and weekly branded events in its Ibizan home.

And of course these events started to attract the cream of globally respected trance DJ’s who all wanted to play at this ever evolving brand. These have included Sean Tyas, Ferry Tayle, Allen & Envy, Vicky Devine, Nick Larson, Amber D, Maria Healy, Lee Osborne, Manuel Le Saux and Alex Ryan to name but a few as well as a huge family of loyal trance loving residents who all commit tirelessly to the family and the events.

To spread the name even further afield, Dave launched an Ibiza Trance Family podcast which is hosted on Podomatic and now receives thousands of downloads as well as regularly topping the trance chart. This is currently also being launched as a radio show with an amazing array of mixes from residents and guests alike, and which showcases the incredible talent that lies within the Ibiza Trance Family.

ITF have also launched their own merchandise range and store, not only helping to cement the brand, but also allowing everyone to wear the Ibiza Trance Family name with pride, no matter where they may be partying in the world!!

During the summer ’14, ITF began to show its true worth within the trance scene by joining forces with super brand ‘Cream’. They held 16 official cream pre-parties in Tropi bar last summer all of which had big headline acts each week such as Bryan Kearney, Sneijder and woody Van Eyden to name but a few, as well as more than 20 other team up events with other highly recognised trance brands, this was received with much success and support from everyone that was involved. One of the biggest highlights of the summer however, was when residents Paul Stone and Dave Graham massively represented ITF in super club ‘Space’ by playing in the Sunset Terrace. ITF had finally made it to the world stage and here they intend to stay. With summer coming to a close after an amazing and successful season it would seem the only way was up for these professed trance addicts, and so it was. Dave and his beloved ITF ended the season on a massive high after finding out they had just been awarded ‘best new promoter’ and ‘best pre-party’ awards by the ‘Ibiza Clubbing Guides’.

Following the summer’s success, ITF continued their reign of glory by holding various pre-parties across the UK teaming up with brands such as Godskitchen and Trancecoda as well as a Glasgow debut with Deception.

Huge plans are afoot for Ibiza 2015 – a weekly collaboration with HFM Ibiza has just been announced with many more major and exciting news still yet to be revealed, one would only have this to say; watch this space and make sure you join us…because we are a family and trance is our escape in life!