Tal Tager

Tal Tager
Birth name
Tal Tager
House / Electronic

Tal Tager – born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. loved music since the moment he remembers himself. at the age of 6 he started realizing he had a super developed sense to rhythm and started tapping on whatever came to hand. pots, stairs, his dad’s and other people’s backs, after that moment his parents who are huge music lovers taught him everything he knows about Classic Rock 70’s & 80’s Pop, Latin Influences like the Gipsy Kings, Eros (Italy) and of course music from his home country Israel. as he got a bit older a bit, he continued with 90’s knowledge and new age (Deep Forest, Enigma, Gregorian, Era, Enya etc).
at 6th grade started studying professionally on a drum set in a private class but dropped out for the lack of time and school. then realized he can teach himself and so he did from drum set to percussion as he was influenced by many latin elements.
at the age of 13 his parents bought him his first Congas set up. after practicing for a year. he joined his high school band.
when he turned 14 he have met his next door neighbor Yoni Yarchi which introduced him to DJing and electronic music and it was history from there. Since that moment Tal swore that that’s what he wanted do in his life, no matter what it will take and how much he will have to sacrifice. the Sacrifices sure came from every corner.
at the age of 14, Tal, even though wash’t even close to the legal clubbing age but always was a night owl and loved the night life has started to go to the local clubs in Tel-Aviv, made mad connections as a people’s person and became a promoter for the teenage parties around being one of the youngest promoters in the city. even tough he was too young but proved his business promoting skills, he took advantage of the opportunity and got the 2 a gig at a peak hour time at the legendary club “The Dome”. Tal & Yoni played for an hour and a half and killed the dance floor.
that was just the beginning after that the gigs came like water and they continued in the Tel-Aviv’s journey reaching to “Studio 49”, Komfort 13” “TLV”, “Breakfast” and later on “The Cat & The Dog” “Haoman 17” and many more
as they are at the peak of their Israeli DJ career life came out with a twist of events and Tal has moved with his family to Houston,TX, USA for business.
As the fact Tal had to start everything from scratch cause Houston for being the 3rd largest city was very backwards in that specific scene after non stop consistency, going to the local clubs in Houston and the surroundings, connections and handing out some CD’s Tal came to the point of being as they say “At the right place on the right time” and handed a CD to a local DJ name Bobby Blyss which was very admirable to Tal as a person, DJ and had his own huge event till this day call “Praia Urbana” before he knew it Tal’s got a peak time slot on the patio with live drums. in result proved again his promotions skills, his sense to rhythm and made his mark in the Houston House scene.
Didn’t take long after that for the local promoters to noticed his passion, skills, young age,hunger and he started gigging around at local clubs.