Matthias Seibert

Matthias Seibert
House | Tech-House

Since 2010, MaFhias Seibert, be,er known as MeFylectro, is a name that has quickly become synonymous with his renowned residency at the Jet Apartments (Tiare Beach) in Ibiza.
His daily pool parDes throughout the 2011 season, literally took the island by storm.

Back in the days, he took his strong reputaDon from residencies in some of the finest clubs in Germany, like the oldest techno club, Club Airport in Wuerzburg, Blau Niteclub in Saarbruecken, and for the AKerburner at U60311 in Frankfurt/Main, which lead him his way to Ibiza.

Ma, ́s skills, both as a deejay and of course as an entertainer, have resulted in fantasDc residencies in some of the world’s best house clubs, such as the VIP crowded El Divino where he played for Planet Strings every Sunday back in 2009, the mother of all beach parDes in Ibiza Bora Bora Beach Club, Jet Apartments, Es Paradis, for his own brand We Are Delicious., The Ibiza Boat Club for Ibiza Beatz and of course Sankeys BouDque back in 2012.

AKer such a success story at Jet Apartments, Ma,hias leK aKer 3 years of playing daily upto 10hrs. and running the music management, to focus on new adventures. In August Ma,hias moved to Sankeys Ibiza, which managed to get one of the major underground clubs of the island.

Mr. Seibert hosted the bouDque floor every saturday for Carnival in 2012, which saw him playing alongside, Cajmere, Heidi, Troy Pearce, Glimpse, Gu], Enzo Siragusa, tINI, Robert Dietz, Sante, Sneak or Miguel Campbell to name a view…

BBC Radio1 came to record an Ibiza special for their well know EssenDal Mix Show live from the club, so Ma,hias did the right decision moving to a growing club, with brands in the likes of Diynamic, Carnival, Steve Lawler ́s Viva Warriors, Fuse , Dirtybird or Flying Circus.

In summer 2013 he started his new residency for Ibiza Beatz, the best boat parDes on Ibiza, at the 5-Star catamaran (be,er known as Ushuaia catamaran, or Ibiza Boat Club), beisde his residency for Ocean Beat, another boat party. Ma,hias played weekly upto 8 Dmes weekly over the whole summer. He shared the decks with M.A.N.D.Y., Boris Werner, Andhim, Lauhaus, Siopis, Jonas Woehl, Catz N Dogz and Mantu. His collaboraDon with Get Physical in Ibiza over the past summer, brought him into Privilege Ibiza, playing weekly Vista Blue for Get Physical as well as Boom aKer the brand moved.

During winter season Ma,hias focused on touring in the major ciDes of Europe – London, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Vienna, Amsterdam- and in some of the most interesDng internaDonal club ciDes: Dubai, Miami, or NewYork.

His 1st own produc]on, Loosing my Feeling, was released on Deepartment rec..

The track gained a lot of full support of the major players in the like of Nhan solo, Sharam Jey, Kolombo, Lou Lou Players, M.A.N.D.Y., Andhim, Agent!, Lars Moston, DeepDisco, Adana Twins. Ist allDme classic #03 on the labels, and sDll in the charts aKer a period of 445 days, and more than 10.000 downloads in full.

His sound, is described as a very sophisDcated and adult mixture of Tech- & Deephouse and you can definitely feel a 90ies vibe going on.

Last winter Ma,, focused playing and living in Milano, where he started a residency for a new project called Infected Opera, a brand which combines the opera and their live arDsDc performances with his energy driven dj sets. Also Ma, started playing Amnesia in Milano, where he was playing WATS with Robert Dietz ,but also playing the summer closing 2014 with Luciano and Gianni Callipari.

This summer saw Ma, already touring to Barcelona for Sonar, playing Roofop, Amnesia Milano back in may w. Luciano, Hotel Santos in Ibiza for the Natural Rhythm showcase alongside Hora&o from Desolat, The Summer Boat Event in Venice Italy, playing Ruhr in Love FESTIVAL for BIG FM RADIO, and returning to his favourite Island, with his opening set for the Ibiza Beatz Catamaran season in Ibiza, Dll he leK the brand some weeks ago !!!

Actually Ma, is very busy in the studio, producing remixes for Just Karl ́s summer track Calippo, but also doing his 1st techno remix for Frank Valon for his release on Jay Denham ́s imprint out of Detroit !!!

Beside his remixes, ma, just signed his 2nd release Nowhere at All on Ame]st rec. which will see the light mid of September with a fabolous remix from MARTINEZ (COCOON REC.).
In October he will also start his own label Separat Musik, which will have also a physical release on vinyl and will be limited to 300 180gr. coloured vinyl peaces !!!!

Also a monthly residency in Milano beside his showcases at Amnesia and for Infected Opera will

be announced in the next couple of days !!

AKer playing mostly digital, he returned back to vinyl as well, buying mostly at Freebase Rec. In Frankfurt, but also supporDng Serendepity in Milano, which is defo his favourite shop.

Many DJ’s looking just on their laptops. However, Ma>hias loves to interact with the crowd and it’s hard to put his sound in one drawer. We can truly say that his unique playing style during his daily appearances on the beaches, boats and major Clubs of Ibiza, have secured his name as becoming a huge force in the House- And Techno scene, not only in Ibiza.